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What Shigaraki-labo aims for through the business.

In Shigaraki, the culture of pottery, whose natural warmth soothes burdened people, has been inherited for 1250 years in a beautiful landscape. We have a strong conviction that we, the inheritors, hold a vocation not to break this chain but to make our better future through creating and providing the best possible things to make the most of the unique culture.
Our mission is to select several information that seem to be useful for the pottery town rich in natural environment, and to share them with those who are leading the cultural and business activities in this district, then discuss with those who are interested in this topic both inside and outside the Shigaraki, so that we could develop new products with high creativity. We hope that our products will serve you for your health, both mental and physical, and your everyday-life, as well as they will serve Shigaraki for its better future.

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Shigaraki-labo Inc.
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